Computer Vision Engineer / Augmented Reality Designer

Palo Alto, California, United States


At Jido Maps, we are building maps that will support the next generation of digital experience. We are looking for a self-motivated person interested in bringing state-of-the-art computer vision technology to the real world. You will join a fast-paced startup and should be ready to take on a leadership role in our growing team.


Must Haves

* B.S. in Computer Science or Arts or related fields

* Interest in augmented reality or robotics

* Some experience in industry (internship included)

Nice to Haves (for Developers)

* Passion for computer vision and machine learning

* Experience working with 3D data

* Experience in deep learning

* Experience in building a large scale system

* Familiarity with Python and/or C++

* Familiarity with Tensorflow, PyTorch, or Caffe

* Experience in SLAM, visual odometry, scene reconstruction, multi-view stereo or structure-from-motion

Nice to Haves (for Augmented Reality Experience Designer)

* Experience in 3D art design / animation

* Experience in website/mobile app UI & UX design

* Relevant industry experience of at least one year

* Passion for Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality

* Experience working with ARKit, ARCore, HoloLens, or Magic Leap.

* Familiarity with Computer Vision and Machine Learning

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